Acquire More Donations

Do you feel like you are going to the same watering hole for your donations every year? Do you need some new and exciting donations to give your silent auction and raffles a boost?

Learn how to land some awesome new donations for your next event, create some buzz and take your silent auctions and raffles to the next level. This 30 minute webinar will take an in-depth look at creative ways of receiving more raffle and auction donations for your event.

  • How companies choose which charities to provide donations
  • See sample letters and resources
  • Ensure that companies continue to provide donations year after year
  • Learn all of this and more...

After this webinar you will be excited to get out there and grab some amazing donations from local, regional and national companies and you will have the tools to keep these companies donating to your event year after year.

Dates to Choose From:

More dates coming soon.

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