The East Lake Community Library Foundation promotes public support and awareness of capital improvement projects for the East Lake Community Library. We secure private funding to ensure a state of excellence is achieved in our library and for our community beyond ordinary public funding. These funds will be used primarily for large scale or multi-year projects so that the Library, in turn, is able to provide a greater number of services to the East Lake area. 

Jan Stephenson Crossroads Foundation: 

JSCF serves disabled veterans and first responders. This Foundations is a 501c3 organization and Purple Heart charity. Our mission is to provide our disabled veterans and first responders with the tools they need to move forward in life. Golf allows them to challenge themselves both mentally and physically which results in a stronger mind, body and spirit.

East Lake Fire Rescue:

East Lake Fire Rescue provides fire/EMS services to the citizens of East Lake and Pinellas County. This is an essential service for the citizens. The fire stations that the firefighters work in 24 hours a day are critical infrastructure for the community.

East Lake Fire Rescue also offers many community interactive services such as CPR instruction, certified child safety seat installation, blood pressure checks, home safety and pool inspections, fire safety programs with local schools and preschools as well as an annual "Safety Day" Open House. All three of its stations are also "Safe Place" havens for troubled teens.