An organization that stands for friendship, fellowship charity and good times. It stands for busy, worldly men who take the time to give those less fortunate a helping hand. It stands for warmth, strength and shared laughter.


To facilitate and encourage lifelong friendships while performing charitable works on behalf of children in need.

A social and charity organization consisting of approximately 50 to 100 professional men of diverse backgrounds in the Orange County Area of Southern California.

The Roosters were incorporated on February 16, 1977. The main purpose of the organization is to assist children within the community, while creating fellowship.

“The Roosters” is a 501-c-3 tax-exempt charity corporation that provides cost effective and efficient ways of fund-raising with marketing advice and support from local children’s charities and community groups.

Each year the Roosters raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for disadvantaged and at risk children. The Roosters have been active in philanthropy since 1977 and have consistently been recognized for outstanding community service by civic and government agencies.