Turn-Key Fundraising for Schools and Teams

You have just arrived on the site that is going to make fundraising for your school or team quick and easy. This is your one-stop-shop for all of your fundraising needs. We offer a plethora of options to fit your needs whether you need to raise 10K or 500K. The key to all of our solutions is the use of the website to accept and track all donations. Each of our solutions are designed to be fun, competitive and extremely easy to execute. And each of our solutions are priced extremely competitive where you will keep a minimum of 90% of all funds raised. As promised, we can raise 30K in 30 days or less. If you don't see something that matches your theme, we can quickly customize the platform for your needs. Usually free of charge!

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Why Do a Helicopter Golf Ball Drop?

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This fundraiser might be the easiest and quickest method of raising money for schools and teams. We have schools that have raised over $30,000 in 30 days. The kids send an email (provided by the software) to their friends and family and post the link on their social media sites. The friends and family go to the website (see sample below) and buy tickets. Each ticket has a number that represents a actual number on a golf ball. A helicopter will fly over a target and drop all of the balls. The ball closest to the target wins the prize. Charity Valet's software makes this event simple, secure and effective.

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Choose one of these ideas or we can customize one just for you!

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Helicopter Golf Ball Drop

Team members sell online tickets that represent numbered golf balls. At your event, a helicopter drops all of the balls from the sky and the number on the golf ball that lands closest to the target wins the grand prize.

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Casino Night Dice Roll

Add more excitement to your casino night by selling tickets online that represent 3-4 six-sided dice. Roll the big dice to find out who won the grand prize!

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Customized for your Event

We can tailor the platform for practically any event to add additional fundraising opportunities. Click here if you have an idea.

Each Fundraiser Comes with These Exciting Features

  • 1 Live leader board providing competition for team members
  • 2 Secure credit card processing and sales reporting
  • 3 Custom website with your logo, colors and sponsors
  • 4 Custom emails promoting the event
  • 5 Robust reporting and analytics allowing real-time tracking of your fundraising goals
  • 6 Kind and courteous support from our fundraising experts