The Annual T-OFF 4 TATAS Golf Classic  was created two years ago in honor of my best friend and wife Christina.  The tournament honors her courage in her battle with breast cancer and to celebrate her being cancer free.  Christina wanted to give back to other women fighting the same disease.
As an avid cyclist, Christina decided that riding forTour de Pink was a great way to combine both goals, riding and supporting breast cancer. So how does this tie in with golf?  Well as an avid supporter of my wife, Navy veteran and a cyclist myself, I wanted to figure out how to raise money for the bike ride, have fun doing so, and involve my friends in the endeavor.  Since I have a non-profit, Veterans Acupuncture Center of Colorado, that supports veterans and their families, I decided to sponsor and create a golf tournament in Colorado that supports my family where the proceeds will go to Young Survival Coalition which sponsors the ride and donates money to women going through breast cancer.

Last year we decided to take our charity to another level and founded the Colorado Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation.  The mission of CBCAF is to help people with breast cancer or survivors on the grass roots level in Colorado.  We have a grant program that people can apply for that provides funds for such things as house cleaning, rides to appointments, yard work, baby sitters, etc.  The little things that we tend to take for granted but can have a huge impact on someone battling this condition.

All money raised by the T-OFF 4 TATAS Golf Tournament will go to Colorado Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation.
Thank you for the support and registering for tournament!  Love you Tina!!