Transcendent Planning

Transcendent Planning is a boutique General Brokerage and Marketing Organization built on the philosophy that meaningful relationships go far beyond just business.  

Through focused relationship building, we have leveraged our combined 25+ years of insurance wholesaling experience to establish a unique network of strategic partners whose primary function is to provide access to additional sales and marketing platforms that are proven to elevate your business.  

We are driven by a passion to help others and strive to contribute towards finding a cure for cancer, a disease that has affected each of us personally through our family, friends and business partners.

We are Fuck Cancer

A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization grounded in its belief that raising awareness and providing education about early cancer detection and prevention is the best way to keep the disease from taking lives. We also create positive & enriching life changing experiences for cancer fighters. We’ve been around since 2005, when a cancer fighter by the name of Brandon Sean McGuinness starting thinking about ways to express how he felt about cancer and how he could help others battling this disease.

If Brandon was here, he would have told you that life is way too short to let something like cancer get in the way of your aspirations and it is our goal to help you continue to appreciate all of the beautiful things that are happening around you.