We appreciate your support and cannot do this important work with you! Amidst a time of pandemic and transformative change and reinvention in homeless and housing services, AFH has set the goal for itself to expand its mission, while assuring its organizational sustainability, financial capacity, and quality of life for its employees.

American Family Housing’s nonprofit mission is to provide a continuum of housing and an array of services to support homeless and low-income families and adults and allow them to secure a stable home, to be an active part of their community, and to achieve fulfilling lives.

Established in 1985, AFH has been in service to the communities of Southern California for nearly 40 years. The organization began with one home in Santa Ana and a food distribution initiative, expanding to today where AFH currently owns or operates more than 60 rental properties, serving nearly 2,500 adults and children in affordable housing and supportive housing, and through services programs. Our geographical footprint now covers half of Orange and Los Angeles counties, with administrative offices in Midway City and Norwalk.

Today, we innovate with cost-effective, practical solutions for vulnerable low-income households who otherwise might not secure or maintain a home. We are uniquely qualified to operate housing and housing services together, with in-house property management, in-house supportive services, and in-house real estate development and acquisitions.

This vision includes building 1,000 new housing units over the course of a decade, with 140 units under construction today, and 400 new homes in our development pipeline.